Coalbrookdale, Cornwall, and Cylinders

Kanefsky, John, Coalbrookdale, Cornwall, and Cylinders – New Light from the Norris Files, Transactions of the 2nd International Early Engines Conference, Volume 1, IEEC & ISSES, 2021 [ISBN: 9781872986241], pp.5-35

This paper examines an important source of information on the cylinders and other components
of Newcomen engines produced by the Coalbrookdale Company over a period of half a century.
This source documents many engines previously unknown to historians as well as providing new
detail on others. It adds considerably to our understanding of the diffusion of the Newcomen
engine in the middle decades of the eighteenth century. It also reinforces the value of the
continuing search for additional documentation and emphasises the risk of assuming that the
completeness of what has been published previously cannot be improved on.

For access see Volume 1 of the Transactions of the 2nd International Early Engines Conference