Early Engines Research

Current Research into early engines - heat engines, whether atmospheric or steam, primarily those first developed or constructed up to 1812.

  • Quote from Richard Smith in 1830 about 2 steam engines at Pictou, Nova Scotia being at work for 3 years

    Notes and Queries, No.2: Sources of English Engines for Export in 1826-7?

    Encouraging Early Engines Research The Early Engines site is always seeking to share knowledge and encourage new research. As part of its ongoing Notes & Queries series for researchers, our second query (and note) comes from David Rollinson, Research Assistant at the Nova Scotia Museum group, in Nova Scotia, Canada. Tracing Technology Transfer in North America The Nova Scotia Museum of Industry, at Stellarton, Pictou County, Nova Scotia was opened in 1995, being built on the reclaimed site of a pioneering coal mining settlement and foundry complex dating back to the 1820s, and originally known as Albion Mines. Archaeological investigation of parts of the site has continued over the last 40…

  • Notes & Queries: What were the earliest post-1800 steam engines in London?

    Encouraging Early Engines Research The Early Engines site is keen to encourage an open, collaborative community of researchers, sharing knowledge and information sources, to advance Early Engines Research. As part of this, a regular series of Notes & Queries for researcher queries will be added over time. Our first query (and note) comes from Dr John Kanefsky, who recently shared his extensive work on pre-1800 early engines in the form of the Early Engine Database. We relay his research query, and invite responses and comments below. Request for information Dr Kanefsky writes: As part of a paper I am researching on steam engine building in London (one of the areas…