Conference Publications


After editing and review, the Proceedings of the International Early Engines Conference 2017 were published in the International Journal for the History of Engineering & Technology, the journal of the Newcomen Society.

Publication of edited papers began with ‘IEEC Volume 1’, published as Volume 87(2) of International Journal for the History of Engineering & Technology in July 2018, and will continue in later in the year with ‘IEEC Volume 2’, published in the following issue of the journal.

Full IEEC 2017 conference delegates will receive copies of these proceedings. Copies will be available online and in print from the publishers, Taylor & Francis, here.


Conference handbook and compendium

IEEC Programme, Visit Guide and Compendium

Copies of the IEEC 2017 full delegate handbook, containing details of the conference, introduction, agenda, guide to site visits and a valuable compendium of early engines articles can still be obtained via the publications officer at South Gloucestershire Mines Research Group.

For information about the contents, please see the following summary:

IEEC Conference handbook

To obtain a copy please visit the SGMRG publications page.


Other publications

At the International Early Engines Conference held at Elsecar in May 2018, Cornish mining historian Rick Stewart was pleased to present his new work, published by the Trevithick Society. Entitled Mine Pumping Engines in Eighteenth Century Cornwall. Paperback £17.50,  ISBN 978-0-9935021-2-5 (170 pages).

It is available for purchase here