Preserving Crofton’s future

Willis, Jon, Preserving Crofton’s future, Transactions of the 2nd International Early Engines Conference, Volume 2, IEEC & ISSES, 2023 [ISBN: 9781872986258/ISSN: ISSES, Stationary Power v.25 0960-0663], pp.239-248 doi:10.54267/ieec2-2-14

Crofton pumping station houses two of the oldest working beam engines in the world; the 1812 Boulton and Watt and the 1846 Harvey. While the engines have been well looked after by Crofton’s volunteers for more than 50 years, insufficient attention may have been paid to the buildings. This paper describes the wide range of building work on site and the improved facilities which have been supported by a Heritage Lottery Grant. It details the costly work to maintain a Lancashire boiler, and the significant issues facing Crofton and similar heritage steam attractions with the future supply of coal. It also describes the innovative Mechatronics programme to understand more about the potential damage to historic engines by continuing to operate them at full load.

For access see Volume 2 of the Transactions of the 2nd International Early Engines Conference