• Image of cast iron beam of the static Cornish bean engine at Prestongrange industrial museum.

    IEEC3 Conference Attendees – Joining instructions

    As we approach the the Conference at Summerlee later this month, we’re delighted to share Joining instructions with Delegates who have confirmed their bookings. Additional attendees are welcome, and we would encourage all to visit the updated Conference programme page and to share any comments or queries ready for when we all arrive in Scotland. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone! IEEC3 Conference Joining instructions

  • To Scotland for Steam Engines – The pre IEEC Recce

    Checking out the conference trips As you all know, if you travel a long way to see something and hope to just walk in – sometimes it doesn’t turn out well! So, to make sure the trips planned on either side of IEEC3 in March 2024 are properly organised and our hosts expecting us, part of the IEEC3 organising group (Steve Grudgings accompanied by Chris Jones) travelled north to Scotland to meet them, and make sure that what we were planning was viable. This note of our journey should help those planning to join the trips to prepare accordingly, although we’re only providing brief glimpses of the sites as there’s…